He is out for you

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 20:26 -- Prisara


        He is out for you

Don’t be afraid

Watching your every move

He knows how you talk





You look down to him

His spineless

Soulless body

He glances back at you

With a crooked smile

Knowing what’s in store for you

When the day gets shorter

And shorter

He gets bigger

And bigger

Until he’s looking

Back down at you 

With that same crooked smile



When the sun slowly scraps the pavement

He comes out to play

You enter the room


He crawls out the back corners of your imagination

And surrounds you like a shield

Stealing away your eye site

Then slowly play tricks with your mind


And out

Your vision goes

Tap Tap Tap 

The bed is shelter

You’re in terror

Trying to recover




Out the corner of your eye

You see something


Sitting there

In the corner

Just staring at you

… With that same crooked smile

Like he does every night



We all know this creature

But we simply choose to ignore him

He sits at the sole of your feet

         The dark mysterious figure 


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