He Loves Me?


Jesus loves me this i know...
Actually i don't i was just told so
blinded by my past i cannot see 
how can he love me when he is holy and i'm incomplete?
doesn't he know my anatomy?  
No longer pure, I'm filthy, you see sin has stolen my virginity.
i cant lift my hands because i'm too ashamed you see?
nobody knows but it bleed daily
repeating my cycles weekly,going to church weekly being a carbon copy of what everyone else seems to be.
taking therapy called communion monthly,thinking it would cover my stains and make everything seem okay but is doesn't . you feel me? 
camouflaged by vain pretendency 
being nothing but a fake and a phony. putting on a show for everybody to see...in his his presence where i'm supposed to be 
well guess what curtain call-the end.  
the music plays rhythmically.
but now I'm by myself, with nobody to call my friend.
roll call
all this time I've been performing and my name isn't in the book
how can he love me and my name isn't even on the call back list.
but wait I've been mistaken.
this isn't a play. this is as serious as vodka mixed in with martini.
I've lost the true meaning of our relationship prostituting this very gift you've given me.
parading it up and down like a Bentley or better yet a Lamborghini.
now i cant feel his touch. i don't even realize each time he kiss me
when in fact I've been bruised by sin and raped by iniquity
forgetting that you said you'll never leave me nor forsake me 
and even if i make my bed in hell you are there with me.
and you love me that's why you shed your blood for me on Calvary
sin kisses so sweetly 
Master entreat not again to leave thee
if i do i will fall into damnation's eternity
many times I've sinned against thee but you kept me
holding your fist to cease the air from flowing would be deadly 
but you love me 
So Jesus loves me this i know, because i know so
I've been redeemed by Grace's sufficiency 
justified by Mercy 
and accepted by Surely 
my past has been erased 
my whole life has changed 
All because his love for me exceeds every word i could ever speak
yes, he loves me.



The love of God does not see flaws. It sees purpose. 

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