He is Love

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 16:40 -- Anysa12

He told me he could feel that i was special 
from the moment he met me,
before that moment i had always just assumed
that there'd be parts of me no one could see.

but he saw it all
He understood all of me, 
everything possibly, 
he saw sides of me i don't understand 
he saw my flaws
and he admires me.

I could think of him and feel calm
with open palms
i could never hide from him. 
with such presence in my life, 
Before him, 
I can't even remember who i had been.

Stars remind me of him 
and how small yet significant
i feel when i look at him.
He's so special, 
He's so incredible, 
He's so big, 
I could never compare to him 
and i admire him. 

i find God whenever i speak to him,
when i see him, 
even when i think of him, 
I find God. 
how much i could love him, 
how strongly i could love him, 
i love him
and i find God.

I feel no fear
no doubt,
no pain, 
no confusion,
Just Love. 
I feel so important, 
So whole, 
so significant, 
like magic, 
from his love. 

He is my past, present, future,
he is forever,
he is always,
he is truth,  
he is infinite,
he is me, 
he is proof,
He is Love.



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