He is Everyway

They say He is not allowed in my life

They say He is not real

He is not worthy

          He is not gracious

           He is not kind

                                                          He is not the one above everything

                                                         He is not the one right for me

They say He can’t satisfy me in anyway




Who can critique a person or a thing?

Without opening a book or their mind to the possibilities

Yes He is there

He is real

He is kind

He always loves




I slam Him like the rest

I hold Him accountable for the lies

Neither His nor mine but everyone’s

I cheat

I steal

I lie

I don’t forgive

I fail in everyway




He will forgive

He has promises

He is truth

His holds the power

He is Jesus




They say you’re a Jesus freak

Just die and go away.


Yet he says

You are a Jesus freak

Die and live again

Stay and never go away

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My community
My country
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