He doesn't even know it...

       He doesn't even know 

that my heart just about stopped when his name popped up on my screen.

Or that with every text my heart screamed.

My cheeks are so sore from smiling,

but he doesn't even know it.


Never thought a smile could make me tear up during late night prayers,

thanking god for the creation that is you.

He doesn't know the impact his soul has on my life.

A soul that has taught me patience, forgiveness, unconditional love, and understanding.

Showing me how to be a better person without even knowing it.

I'll never forget you.

Something like a dream... only I'm awake.

Didn't ever think someone like you could exist in real life,

but God works in mysterious ways.



A butterfly can't see its own wings.

It can't see its own beauty.

I guess you can say I've found my butterfly.

I just wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

That one soul with no flaws... nor imperfections.

Just a closet full of broken skeletons.

How can one human being give another so much life?



I can sense the magnitude of your power because of the way you touch me,

No hands though.

Teasing my heart like a devil,

No sins though.

You got all of my emotions in a race,

Who wins though?

I don't even care.

Because whenever I'm thinking of you my problems aren't there.

Used to wear makeup everyday but when you Facetime calling me my face so bare.

Haven't even combed my hair.



He got my thoughts all in the air

... but he doesn't even know it.


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