He became my drive


What is your drive. Is it to get live. Is it to be able to dive.

into a pool of luxury.

where you have enough money to eat with gold cutlery.

is it to get that girl across the room.

that swept you off your feet so fast you thought she was a broom.

is it that fast car that goes so fast you'll hear a sonic boom.

well when you start to consume these materials.

you'll start to understand they aren't much more appetizing then a box of cereal.

in the end when your done with it its empty

and then you say to yourself "theres nothing left but resent in me"

I have failed to see past the lie yet again 

I thought the amount of car's i needed was ten

who thought my money stack ain't high enough until i am overlooking Big Ben.

then you start to fall like the twin towers 

because you realize money isn't power.

I am sorry for all the "you's" but you see this could be written to the old me 

the one who didn't know that if I found fame it would have sold me.

it would have broke me

then began to choke me

and when I was on that final breath 

He came and took a hold of me

He saved the worthless

but told me I was worth His best 

so then it hit me 

that he has always been out to get me 

to save the lost and make them found 

and when you hear this story the first time it may sound profound

because you see i was bound by my imperfection 

but he gave me a resurrection 

to be made new 

and He's still out there looking for you too

because He is love and he cares and not even death dare's 

to try and take a hold of him for it is impossible He's to strong death cannot bear

to stand in his way

because He is the way

and he said ill pay

so that way you can not only come with me but ill give you a permanent stay

now i felt like shouting hooray 

and oh my gosh what a happy day!

you see what happened to on that day is what drives me

to be more then I ever thought I would be.







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