He and I


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He told me we weren't meant to be,
I asked why,
Glumly he said, "Look at us."

I looked down to see that I was a white girl,
and he a black boy,
I told him, "There's more to us than that. The color of our skin doesn't define us, but our character does."

He stared at me for a long while,
He surprised me with a hug,
He made me wonder what was going on with his mind at that time.

I never saw him again,
after that day.

He told me we weren't meant to be,
I asked why,
Glumly he said, "Look at us."

I look down to see that thirty years later that these types of relationships are normal,
I wish he had fought for us,
as I did for he,
when I went on strike for these rights,
the rights that he spoke of,
how society judged us,
while I got beat up,
the thought of us being together never left my mind.

I never saw him again,
after that day,
but I wish I did.



This story was beautifully told in the lyrical choruses of this poem. They were mystifying and magical and I am so happy to have come across it. thank you for sharing it. I was curious how you had gotten the idea for it, can you tell me?


Wow, thank you so much for this post. I am very happy that someone actually stumbled upon this and even described my poem as "magical and mystifying." It is the first time I've ever had these words to describe the poetry that I write. I mainly got my idea from watching TV shows and reading books that deal with racial segregation. As for my inspiration, well, romance is extremely fun to write about!


True words.


It made me cry, this is beautiful.


This really amazed me. I loved the idea behind it, the irony, the unfortunate situation, the passion, the nostalgia, its cute yet tragic and it probably expresses alot of peoples stories who had been in the same situation years and years ago.

Stephanie D.

Beautiful execution of language! I loved this poem!


This poem is very powerful! For you to fight for all interracial couples when you lost the one you wanted to be with demonstrates determination and so much heart. It makes me want to burst into tears just thinking about. Never give up on love and keep fighting on for what is right. Keep writing on my friend. 


This is meaningful. I am saddened by these words as if a lover of mine wrote them. Sigh.


This is a wonderful story, and so true on how society was back in that time. I wish that interracial couples were more normal than they are today. I'm a mixed girl and I love my body, so if I had just been all one race my spririt probably wouldn't be as humble as it is now. This is truely beautiful. 


Awesome! Keep it up. I loved it.




I knew from "Glumly, he said, 'look at us'" that I was going to fall in love with this poem (and I have. It's heartwrenching and soft and beautiful).

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