He is the “ Best Life”

Tue, 01/28/2020 - 20:09 -- nts0010

 When I go outside, brightness strikes my face,

 Why must the beam of light feel sensational ?

 Now I know I am living the best life,

  The pale April dew, reminds me each day.


 We watch the sun rise and then fall daily ,

 Like each breath we take in and exhale out,

 It’s essential to sustain life on earth,

 Otherwise the “ best life” does not exist.


It will always be the greatest outcomes,

 The situations that are the hardest,

 The things that we don’t want to do in life

 That show how we can obtain the “best life”.


 In the end our trials will matter most,

 Then we are guests as He is “ Holy Host”.


-Nathaniel T. Scott

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