Haze Trails

All is a haze,

With eyes in a daze,

As his mind fades. 

Forgetting his fate,

Can't manage to think straight.


Soul sucked under aggression,

Still asking himself questions,

Beating himself up for a confession.

Guilt clumps tight, 

No where left to fright, 

Not knowing anymore what is right.


Still feeling the fists of his past,

The yelling going vast,

Crying that it wouldn't last. 

Broken hearted by lonesomeness,

Feeling nothing but this coldness,

No one was a friend but hopelessness.


Flinching away the tears,

Hits another blunt with fears,

That his past will come in cheers.

Concealing the beast within,

Even though his knot is very thin. 


Eyes open, 

He relives the truth.

Bites his mouth not to cry,

Repeatedly asking himself why,

Not bothering to try.


He continues inhaling,

Forget the failing,

Living life in a haze,

With his gentle daze,

Hiding the monster of his past in his gaze.

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My community
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