Hawaiian waterfalls


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"Where's the love

Where's the love?"

The bearded man
on this corner
Couldn't seem
to emphasize enough.
"The love is gone,
The crumbs are gone,
It hasn't rained,
The mud is gone.
The fruits Have died
And rivers dried.
The sandy beach
No longer speaks,
She No longer sings.
Where did the love go?
You know?
Where do the love stay?
This island rock like ruby stones
Feeding off fallen coco bones,
This luscious earth
Be like home,
It be like throne.
Now I can't go a mile
Without call box telephones
And buses,
With microphones.
I don't need a tour
I don't want a phone
I once prayed to god
For the rain to pour,
Now even the rain is poor
And my heart hurts more
And more.
Kaua'i, my dear kaua'i,
You have become tourists shores
These tourists whore.
She ages at every hand
That takes sand
From her ocean pours.
And I fear the day
I fear the day,
It's the mana at risk.
Every camera shooting films
Creates insecurity
In the purity
Of her islands abyss,
Of the graves of the wise.
sacred mountains
Be like breasts
Raped repeatedly,
For hollywoods star spangle time.
I kiss her as she sleeps,
To help heal her wounds.
But she loses faith
At every tree
Like her hair,
Cut down to its doom
Cut down to its core.
Balding her sweet privates
For another resort.
Where is her sugar?
Her sweet sugar?
Nobody knows.
Lost within the pages
Of the stories
No longer told.
She's growing old
She's growing tired,
She can barely make use of
the rocks
That erupted with fire.
She'll send one last cry
Her very last try,
Through the fish,
The sharks,
And the tuna.
A letter to her cousin,"

Dear sweet Cuba.

"I Need to rest,
I yearn for respect.
I'm tired and worn,
I fear for what's next.
If its too much to ask,
Than my sweet cousin
I'll beg.
The very last cry
My final request.
Sweet cousin,
Oh my dear sweet cousin,
come with the dolphins
And bring me a Che."



I loved how you used personification to make it seem like your surroundings like the sea and fruits were characters in the story you told. If you like writing about your surroundings, check out some tips and more ideas in the "resources" section, under "poetry writing tips"!

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