Have you found Courage yet


Has anybody found courage?

You do this everyday and just don’t know the definition

It is easier than addition or even school tuition

It ‘s so easy a cave man can do it, funny right?

Sometimes courage sounds easy but it’s not

You get the feeling like your queasy

Now you’re thinking you should take it easy

Occasionally you should and sometimes just go for it

It just depends on if you can take it hit

Where you’re required to make a move in a matter of seconds

Like sharpening a knife

First it was this and now it’s this

Grasp this for instance

 You sprained your finger and weren’t allowed to play baseball

But you stood up in front of a crowd and showed them wrong

Everyone was so proud and you bowed

That was courage my fellow traveler

The ability to make a decision no matter how long it takes

Everybody has courage; they just have trouble finding it

Evidently, courage found you and is stuck to you like glue.



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I would have to say that my favorite part about this poem is that you have people see your work and have them understand your point of view on the subject. Also, letting people see this and having them understand they can go and use this poem for reference.  

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