Have You ?

Have you ever accidentally broken a heart ?

An innocent holding of hands plus a walk in the park,

Have you ever accidentally shattered a heart ?

A naive hug plus an inability to part,


Have you ? ever listened too much,

Till she tells you about her past, and how her heart was thrashed,

Have you ? ever asked for nothing, but she handed you heart,

Hoping you did keep it safe,

From the dark skinned bruh that always leaves her in a despicable plight,

Then the cons flip and there is a conflict,

Well it’s a light skinned brother to leave her in the dark,

You tried protecting her, she hits the war switch,

You turn your back saying this wasn’t the plan from the start,


Have you ever had to mend a heart that sold you out ?

You glued your heart to her mind but she is blind,

Painted a canvas of your love, that wouldn’t show,

Thus she made your heart cold.


Have you ever had to give up on trying?

Give up on crying,

Realising you once enjoyed the company,

Could it be she was wasting your time?

Was she deliberate or innocent when she placed your hands on her waist line?


Now you realise loneliness ain’t just a sentence,

It’s a sentence,

A sentence to exile one’s own soul for from one’s own mind,

When she stole your heart away, you hoped life has a rewind,


Well the heart that sold you out is back, Broken!

Lurking in the dark, with words Unspoken!

She accuses you of her heart that’s broken.

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