Have Faith

February 5, 2018

Dear Sophia,


Have Faith

Life has ups and downs, but it still keeps going,

It is a sunny morning but the night turns gloomy,

You go left, you go right and feel like you’re in the same place,

Just have faith and open doors await.


You’ve become a single mother who feels lost and tired,

You feed and care for your baby but what more is required?

The struggles and failures is what you feel right now,

But just watch ‘til she’s older, that’s what she’ll admire.


Pour her with dreams, hope, and love,

Because just know that He is watching above.

The struggles that are brought become just a thought,

Lose all those doubts from this one weak spot,

Just have faith and open doors await.


Day by day you start to get by,

You fight and conquer and feel so high.

You hug and smile your baby and say,

Just have faith and open doors await.


Best Wishes,



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