have courage to love


have courage to love yourself and to love other in the world because love is from god above, because the courage to love will make you brave. we must have the courage to love and show the love of god above. god above want us to love and do what  righjt in life. to not love is like playing with a knife. you should alwaqys love your wife and treat her nice when you play the ultimate life. life is show courag of love that god show us above. stevie wonder said that he just call to said he love you, so we should have the courage to love like god love above. we should always show the love that god show us above. when we show more love like god above. we must show love in life like we love our wife, we should always love our wife and live with peace. god will l,ove us if we love like god above. god produce us to love each other in this life. we must continue to love each other and live with each other liken brothers. we should have love in life and always love our wife and have the bcourage to love in life.

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My family
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