Hated by the rest

Lost hated and constintly consimplated.

Fear has take over fear has made me lost.

I dont fear the truth i fear the lies.

While people sit there staring at me with hatefull eyes.

I ask myself why? Why someone pure as me is hated?

THen it comes like a giant boom like a giant thud.

Its cause im the one guy who doesnt look like the rest of them.

Hated for a color when it wasnt my choice.

Hated for my race and the hair on my face.

Hated for my lifestyle just cause thats how i was raised.

But sometimes hatred can even be misplaced.

I have seen thing one should not see i have felt things one should not feel.

All because of the symbol on my chest and the flag on my arm.

I wish them no harm even though I am hated by the rest


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