hate is a strong word

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:03 -- ccaples

To the ones who have hurt me the most-

I hate that you know when I'm holding back tears;

how I play with my jewelry or pinch at my skin

I hate that you know how I like my sandwiches-

Cut into triangles just to be ripped up into smaller bites

I hate that you know my weaknesses and how to use them against me

I hate that your hands have been on my body;

following each curve like a car follows a winding road

I hate that you made promises to me that you knew you couldn't keep

I hate that being with you used to feel like home, 

and how everyday I now would rather take a vacation

I hate the amount of time spent with you in a car;

holding hands, breaking down, and showing as much love as we could

I hate how certain songs remind me of you,

but I hate the fact that I sit there each time listening all on my own

I hate how much I continue to care, and how much you never will

I hate that none of these words will mean anything to you;

no mater how broken, or loud my cry for help may be

I was always told in life that hate was a strong word, 

and I hate that I saved it for you.


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