Hate: A Spoken Word


Intense or passionate feelings of dislike.

Feelings that rip apart friends, families, nations alike.

Today, it is a feeling of honor among this nation.

Today, it is coming from our leaders as common dictation.

Against races and genders and sexual orientations.

Against those who were born here and those who came for salvation.


Hateful words yelled out of car windows,

Written on buildings or twitter that unkind lingo,

Attacking those looking for peaceful living,

In a country that is supposed to be full of giving.

Hateful symbols drawn on the walls,

Of subways or churches, demeaning figures, large and small,

Swastikas drawn, reminding some of the past,

Of mass murder and racism, millions of people harassed.

Hateful actions taking place on the streets,

Proposal of bills making the rights of many obsolete,

The violence we see as Hijabs are grabbed,

Protests are held and people are stabbed.


This country was built on the idea of freedom and a new life.

Of living in a place that is free from strife,

Free from monarchs and strict, unfair laws,

A place where people came because,

It was free for one and free for all.

And when it arose that rights were of a shortfall,

The people revolted with a government overhaul.


But now, it is time for a change.

It has been time for a change.

Since 1787, when this nation was arranged,

Only white men have truly had rights, making others feel estranged.

For hundreds of years women, blacks, and muslims,

All genders, races, and religions have fought to protect their customs,

Their actions, their importance, their impact on the world,

Have been viewed as little as they fight for their flag of rights to be unfurled.

They work every day to make their voices heard,

To make a difference in the world, the results are absurd.

White men remain at the tippity top

With everyone else beneath them and never do they stop

Taking away rights and allowing violent crimes,

Allowing only themselves to prosper in the meantime.


It is now we must take stand in this nation of hate.

Now that those who have been silent can no longer wait.

Now that racism, sexism, and violence must be put to an end.

Now that we must join together as one and all and be each other's friend.

Now that leaders need to protect the diversity.

Now that we need to make safe every community.

Now that we have to protect equally the rich and poor,

The muslim and jew, the black, brown, and more.

Now that we must take the hateful words, symbols, and actions,

And refocus that energy to form positive interactions.

Now that people see others who are different from themselves,

As people who bring a new perspective or a new story to tell,

People who will impact your life in a positive way,

People who if you give them a chance could make your day,

People who deserve the same opportunities and rights,

As have retained for hundreds of years the male whites.

People who are trying to live a happy life just like you,

So what I am asking is not a lot for you to do,

Just open up your minds and change the inequality that has been,

Do not let your fear of those who are different win.

Do what is right so that we can truly make America great,

Open up your hearts and put an end to the hate.


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