Hate that I love you

The look in his eyes said I want you in the moment.

The words in his heart said I want you for a lifetime.

Only being an object of lust caused the girl endless torment, because he was utterly in love with his California Dime.


The look in his eyes plead for the girl’s attention, being in the spotlight is what he knows best.

The real feelings of the girl are desires never to mention, he only wants one and will unregrettably leave the rest.


The look in his eyes said I win the game every time I play.

Even the strongest opponent falls under his charm, his perfect diction compels them to stay and his sinless smile says “I can do no harm”.


The look in his eyes entices the girl to commit sin. 

Two girls can play at this game but for how long?

Both hearts will end up broken and he laughs when people say that what he is doing is wrong.


The look in his eyes begs for forgiveness, his lies unraveled and he falls apart. 

But ignorance is bliss, she will never miss his kiss before it even starts.


The look in his eyes tells the girl come back to me.

I can give you everything you need, but only for the night.

The girl is too weak to flee and he kisses her under the starlight.


The look in his eyes says I never knew her.

She was a never was and a never will be.

The tears cause all her surroundings to blur.

She whispers quietly to herself “why don’t you love me”. 



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