Hate (A Call for a Change)

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 09:19 -- DKemp18

Our words are such a dangerous weapon

History is a perfect example of current events that reigns on us from our country’s past written and spoken.

We spewed out hate and now look at our nation.

The things we are doing to another is endangering our next generation.

The brutality, racism, inequity, and inequality

The Preamble states all men are created equal, but it is a lie.

You will never find anyone treats someone as such, as it is true and the same for I.

Everyone is different from their skin color to his or her capabilities.

But should we all not watch out for another due to our uncanny similarities?

Doesn’t matter if you're black, white, crip, politician, gay or other

We bleed the same way and if we are hurt deep enough and you’ll cry.

We are mankind bred from a human father and human mother.

The youth are in a horrendous age, it’s sad to see a young person at the age of 7 shot and die.

You give out hate, what else is there to reciprocate?

That baby looks at you and sees this is what they must imitate.

It as Tupac said THUG LIFE

All they know is their condition

Be the one to show them a future of prosperity or a future that leads to condemnation

Our words are a powerful weapon

Just how we arrange them can change its whole content.

They have the power to kill, but they have the power to heal

These words were not created to endanger or to stir up fear

But used to grow and render something real

Too much destruction & havoc caused because too many people will not open their ears to hear.

HATE - How Are They Envious?

We have two ears, one mouth, Listen first then think before you speak or make your choices.

I call for change, the same change that has been called for the beginning of humanity

Stop the violence, the exclusions, the despise to diversity, brutality, impromptu mortalities, bring in equity and show the equality.

Cease the hate for this generation and all the cruelty

Before This Hate U Give Little Infants Freaks Everybody.


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