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And I just wanted to say, that I love all of my haters.


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You won’t see me glammed up,

 Makeup piled high on my face,

Or cuticles well-trimmed and glossed.


I have wrinkles and stretch marks and bags that cling to the corners of my eyes.


When I laugh, I squeal

I smirk, I snort and I gasp for air

And well if it’s a good joke, I chuckle and cluck silently.


I lounge around in tattered clothes,

Sweatshirts with stains,

And socks with holes.


And my favorite place is bed.

Blanket over my head

Pup yapping

Netflix playing

Me eating

Or better yet sleeping.


I don’t live on Adventure Island.


And underneath my blazer,

Arms strong from working.

Beneath the sunglasses,

Face focused not gazing.

Under the name brands,

Designers, and expensive material things

A heart

A soul

A mind creating


A me


But I rather you see,

Another me

The one I create and control

But I’ve already said too much

#no filter

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Our world
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