The Harsh Reality

Let me start by saying, "I'm sorry."


I didn't hold up my end of the deal.

For real, it should've been more than a temporary seal 

or a one-sided deal.

I can only imagine the pain that you feel.


A father? Husband? Till' death do us part?

Ruined art or a broken harp?

How was I supposed to know it would tear our family apart?

Where's the big red button?

Don't I get to restart?

So much for second chances.


A freelance love.

One that's unheard of.

Something completely different from Disney's true love?

Was that ever the goal?


People said I didn't have a spine.

I'd say my lines just in time 

till' I find my own voice.

I feel like a Hollywood puppet spewing witty lines

and pity whines that deeply impact people's lives.


A ridiculous script of someone else's opinion.

A manipulated minion under evil's dominion 

when it was given at the beginning of time.


We grow and learn twisted ways of making things happen.

All it takes is a will and a weapon.

A mass murder is what it results in.

Some college students paying large amounts of tuition

to pay professors to teach there isn't a God to believe in.

No religion and dead civilians.


U  S  of  A 

Land of the free 

yet home to slaves.


Take a glance at the dark reality.

Is it chance or greed?

A type of love or a despicable deed?

Sex slavery and homosexuality.

Both are wrong in the eyes of the King.


Yet what do we do to end it all?

Take one down, but the rest won't fall.

Oh, I know. Let's build a wall.

Call them names we wouldn't say in from of our mother,

But shouldn't we be loving our sister and brother?


Unlike the others, I choose to extend love,

to show them what I'm made of.

Befriend the broken brother battling brawls

and speak the truth to trample the false.


I am not saying I am perfect 

because there are things in my life that I regret.

But I take rest in 

the One who is perfection.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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