Hardwork or Talent


Being known as that well-rounded player,

Sacrificing my body for every ball.

I thought I worked hard enough,

But I guess not at all.

Reassured with the talent I have,

I was told that I would be “first pick off the bench”.

Inside hurting, knowing I had another chance,

I sat down quietly, not giving a second glance.

Being the only senior with rare playing time,

There was I with a difficult climb.

I began to believe and work hard as every practice came,

Here I am, starting at tonight’s volleyball game.

Helping out a team-mate, while she is out today,

Showing them the potential I have in order to play.

Listed as 5’4” utility playing outside hitter,

Doing what I love best is by far better than being a quitter.

As we sit down, taking off my things, there he claims

“I’m proud to say, you had a hell of a game.”

Being confident in every single match

That’s what made me feel attached.

Now that senior day is here,

I began to tear.

Hearing my family on the side,

I felt that I let my family down.

Playing with pride,

For the last 5 points I frowned.


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