Hardly struggles

Sun glistens through the curtains,

Alarms sounds by your bed, 

Time to get up and at ‘em

The time of day that’s most to dread, 

For it is then you have to fight, 

The hardest battle in your head

The enemy’s tough, they know you well, 

For it is the the thoughts in your head that are brooding,

The fear of everyday makes it feel like you fell,

You say you’re okay, but who is it fooling, 

What could today bring, nothing good I can tell,

Pain, misery, and anxiety are sure to come along

The fear of everyday, is just no good at all

But you get up and dressed and ready for the day,

Brave face on, ready to tackle any issue that doesn’t belong, 

Because the fear of everyday, is nothing to fear at all

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