The Hardest Worker

He was worn out

He was tired

Because once again he'd pulled an all nighter

He was studying again

Or writing a paper

Probably both

Knowing my dad and his endless caper


Since eighth grade

Or maybe it was end of seventh

I can't remember

Its all a blur

As it should be

Because the past is past us

And thank Jesus it's over


Now we can go out on Saturday night

Maybe even Friday since football is over

I've never anticipated this freedom

Let's go somewhere right now

Or maybe that'd be rude since you're the guest of honor


I hope you know I admire your work

And now I know to get my masters first

Though you've missed some stuff

And your new best friend is your homework

I'm glad you'll be around

Probably too much

An annoying amount at most

I'm glad to have my daddy back

The hardest worker I know

This poem is about: 
My family


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