Happy Tears

That smile he gave me with those tight eyes  reflected on my face as I smiled back  I was his spawn a spitting image

The hugs he used to give me bring me back to childhood.

When I’m down The memories carved in my head from my father bring me back to life.

Like the eternal memory of an elephant he was mine.

From his head to his fred flintstone feet  I was in love .

I loved  taking rides on his shoulders  at the park

 And at the end of the night I anticipated the joke he always played on me tucking me into bed  to the point where I couldn’t move.

There was nothing but love in his heart he was just misguided down the wrong path  no matter what he did my heart still fluttered when I heard my father's name.  

even when visits got shorter

And the nights became  longer

My heart never let go

He was Like a temporary tattoo  nice to have around yet over time they disappear.

And as times got harder for me and you that grip of love started to loosen.

Yet  I managed to pull through.

Every night I had a meal you were out looking for one

Every night I lay in my bed you were on the concrete

We met for one last time my heart fluttered and we both had grins on our faces from ear to ear.

Even though you were a little worn out.

I poured my heart out like there was no tomorrow.

You were there for me when I saw the struggle in your face,

My spitting image didn’t  look so great.

All your life was lived as you took your last breaths.

No more worries,looking for another meal,or a place to rest..

Days go by  time is ticking until that final moment arrives

I commemorate you with a golden elephant  around my neck.

Boy do I sure wish I could take back time to prevent.

 Now all I have are re-runs of our good times.

You were one of a kind it got passed down to me a good  thing.

Out of all the errors and mistakes my love for you will never  die  

and  when i'm alone I love  to  put those reruns on

and  smile knowing  we  had good  times  now it's  time  to  say  goodbye

When I’m down I think of you.

It picks me right back up.


This poem is about: 
My family
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