A Happy Poem

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 12:06 -- Kaisai

I like pieces,

And being part of the puzzle.

Petting my dog;

Scratching his ears, his head, his neck.

I like the way the morning air

Feels on my skin

And how night is enchanting

With that dark blue hue

Just waiting to be taken in.

I like how people can look at me,

Love in their eyes, 

As they greet me.

And licking the batter out of the mixing bowl

After the cake has been put in the oven.

I like the freedom I feel

When I’m in my friend’s car,

Windows down, speakers blaring

Hey There Delilah on the highway.

I love watching Disney movies,

And getting good songs stuck in my head.  

I like singing when no one is listening,

And running as fast as I can,

Because it’s the closest thing to flying.

To feel the wind on my face as I tear through the grass,

Not looking back, running ever on.

I like getting frustrated with a book

Because I can’t stop reading it.

And I like my life,

Troublesome as it may be,

Because it’s the only one I've got,

And it’s been pretty good to me.


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