Happy Place

Happy place

Walking to the sea shore bundled in soft blankets.

Early morning chill fills the air as the sun hasn’t yet risen. 

Suddenly the horizon begins to change into shades of red and pink.

Standing on the shore salty wind blowing in my face.

Feet in the sand with the water just barely touching my toes.

I can hear gulls in the distance singing their sea songs.

Time passes and I’m completely unaware.

The sun is fully in the sky now and begins to heat my cold face.

A chill that was once in the air is now gone,

Ocean waves crash onto the tall rocks in the distance.

A small boat can be spotted far away in the horizon.

The sun shines in my eyes as I look off in the distance.

Thinking of leaving this safe haven is not pleasant.

The urge to stay here forever is strong,

I have found my happy place.


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