A Happy Place

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 14:35 -- ar01

The cool breeze softly blows through the hot air, shaking the leaves of the coconut trees that stand tall amongst her. 

She runs through the flock of chickens scaring them off while a herd of cows pass by.

The feel of the earth benath her as she runs around bear foot with the kids and laughter of friends and family around her, what could possibly be better?

Suddenly the day begins to turn to night as colors of pink and orange scratch the blue sky as it turns darker and darker and  

the stars come out to play while the moon illuminates the night sky.   

This new found feel of happiness, being surrounded by nature, family and laughter, she has to stop and take it all in,

savor this moment that will remain her happy place. 

The fun, the laughter, the happiness, its the best things life has to offer. 


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