Happy Mess

It's One in the morning

and the Family be snoring

I'm On the bed thinking

Sleeping is boring

I had some coffee

I think had three cups

Or maybe I need to re-up

Cus the weed is my Nyquil

Thoughts of her keeping me up

Medical herbs ain’t absurd

But you can be sure

That it’s calming my nerves

She’s killing me with her curve

One smile and I’ve officially been served

It’s whatever

Pills in the cabinet are enough to last forever

What’s the deal

With these pills looking like a happy meal

And the prize is a happy feel

Then wake up with a crappy feel

But my thoughts will be wiped

Easy like a card being swiped

Put the reef in the pipe

Time to chief up the night

Feeling alright

I'm Reaching the high heights

I’m starting to get an appetite

Eat till I’m satisfied

Grab a bottle of Skyy

Hoping it'll intensify my high

Shots for each emotion

I’d rather drink the whole ocean

I guess this is stopping my sorrow

Too bad it’ll come back tomorrow

And when it knocks, I’ll open the door

Bottles will be open ready

To be poured

Cheers to my sadness

Hit this blunt to my madness

I can light up as much as I want

But it won’t shine through the blackness

Now life hits me like a crash test

I’m still young

And I ain’t making cash yet

This paper and pen is making me nap less

Feeling good now

Feeling crap next

More smoke is just more happiness

I look like a happy mess

Wake up the next morning

Don’t remember yesterday

But the sorrow still stayed

“Bite another Vicodin”

My conscience say

Repeat what I did

That’s the plan for the day

Funny how I think the sorrow will go away


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