The Happy Blues


Madness is ambiguous, just like reality

When life is too sweet, you get bad cavities

Because there's beauty in the struggle

The ups and downs, concavity 


It's been a good life, so my concious holds

Just a young man hosting an old soul

International family, no criminal history

No need for Interpol, no need for mystery


One brother, two parents, three best friends,

Definition of happiness if there ever has been

But life can never leave you with just a happy end

With the meter of my rhymes I'll let you all in 


On one on little secret as my mind chimes in

"Don't do it, won't do it", sometimes I can't

Positives and negatives, which ones will win

Depression is the monster that roars above the din


Insomniac, but that isn't the only thing that's chronic

My dreams are always blue or gold, I call that Super Sonic

Achievements come and go with gusto and haste

But all I'm left with is this feeling of angst


I try and stay on top by reading through the greats

But for Ghandi and Jesus, I fear it's too late

Now positivity isn't absent in this world of mine

And God strike me down if he thinks I'm not trying


To spread love and joy to those around me

But people ignore these blessings for the crowns and money

Sometimes I feel stuck in Hell, as if I lost my way

But come to think of it, I always liked the warmer weather anyway 






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