Happy Birthday dear daughter



We saw a movie called “ Independence day”

It was the first movie after our marriage day,

We were blessed with a little bundle of joy one day

That was on August 15th  – Indias Indpendence day.


The little bundle of joy,

became our centre of attention ever since,

She made us laugh and cry,

As the journey begin.


Her smallest achievement,

And we jumped with the victory cry,

Her biggest achievement,

Was soon another milestone to try


The first Girl Engineer

In the family of Anand

An inborn fighter and a strong leader

Now on verge of starting her professional career.


There were other movies too that day

Thank god we chose the “Independence Day”

Had it been another like “ Alibaba aur Chalis Chor”

Cant imagine our house would have been full of  “Shor”



Happy Birthday Tanvi . Just be what you are. Enjoy its your special day.


This poem is about: 
My family


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