I was grown from a broken farm

Police cars and car alarms

Bloody arms

And self harm

Yet through it all I kept my charm

I've never once reached for a firearm

You may think this story is dark

But what piece of art 

Doesn't come from a dark part

of us

My story may hit you like a bus 

But I've come to trust 

That bus

For I was all out of luck

With the idea of sad, I was awestruck

And I guess along the way I got stuck

But somehow, someway I made it through all the muck

And I flew away like a dove

I flew high above

Sadness I will shove

For now I'm full of love

This world I'm officially part of

This world I appreciate

Yes, even it's ugliness, every single date

Because this is my fate

That I am to deflate 

This balloon of sad, for happiness awaits

I feel that I've unlocked a new gate

I can smell the grass

This moment will forever last

Even as time will pass

I will be aware of everything, every single mass

Because it's never too late to get better

There is no "too" under the weather

Its a matter of wether 

Or not you are willing to float like a feather

Because you cannot lean on others for happiness

Because soon they will break 

And they'll leave for your sake 

And then your heart will ache

And your bones will shake 

Because you need them back

And you may just start to crack

And your heart will go thwack

And suddenly they're back

Because they never leave

Because you are a team

And you are finally happy


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