Sublime riveting through my veins as the passenger seat vibrates from underneath me;

Foggy air surrounding my eyes and clouding my vision,

Flowers swirling around in the wind, gyrating their hips to the beat of the world and seducing bees,

Singing real loud and tugging on my vocal strings until they start to detach themselves from my soul,

Cordially inviting homeless people to a party full of free water and fresh clothes,

Ripping off the skin on my fingertips, letting my demon out and characteristics I find in people in,

Opening my mouth to allow people to know that nothing is gender specific,

And destroying the thought process that happiness in other people’s lives, is not ok,

Binge watching episodes full of Michael Hall and his gingery beard,

Hugging the little old lady that stands in front of Meijer with bright pink lipstick on that hugs her teeth more than it compliments her dark complexion,

Green tea in a 99 cent can with flowers plastered on it, because frankly, it looks real cute,

Wearing shorts even though my thighs are ridden with scars from my past and smiling,

Geese running towards each other like high schools girls who haven’t seen each other in either three days or three months, but instead of a joyous hug, it’s a kiss from the fist of an angry goose screaming get away from me, not shrieking because they want you to stay near,

People coming together to communicate with their bodies, speaking with their limbs for different reasons but still having a purpose nonetheless,

A round tube full of a magic gel substance that clears the epidemic of dry skin on your lips,

Having prior knowledge on a subject most people are inquisitive of,

Wearing matching socks because I know that the two socks were packaged together and separating the love birds, and potentially re-matching them with another similar to it but not exact, would break its little beating heart, and if my feet cry out in agony because of heart break they aren’t going to do their job, and I’ve got places to go,

Children wearing stylish hats and small shoes with buttons even smaller and their parents who have the same body parts and the same metal wrapping around the third finger on their left hands,

Alliteration, although almost always annoyingly associating assumptions an abundant amount aggressively alters allegations, allowances applied affectionately among adolescents are appreciative.

Rolling the car windows down completely and shoving your arm out while it’s pouring rain, replicating the feeling of a tattoo,

Small life moments,

Make me real happy.



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