Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion

I love feeling happy. It's a great feeling. Knowing the things that make me happy are even better. Why? Because I know how to handle me. I love to wake up and make my own breakfast. I love to read my favorite stories over and over and over agian. I love to watch my favorite shows on tv everyday. I love to eat my favorite foods everyday. I love to do the same things every single day. Why? Because I know how to make me smile. Why do I do these same things over and over again? Because I know how to do myself right when it comes to the little things. Not only that, but I especially love to do these things repeatedly and never get tired of it. Huh... I guess you can say that it's all a cycle to me that just never ends... Like a circle...Yeah, a circle. It's just as the song itself says, 'Happiness runs in a circular motion'.


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