Happiness Is A Choice

The good has gone away 

It seems to most, the darkness is here to stay

But I have not let my spirits drop

For this year my life will not flop

I will succeed at best

Triumph is rising in my chest

The reason for this change in view

Is you, and you, and you

The world sometimes makes you feel small

But seeing people's smiles has made me feel quite tall

Life is too short to stay down in the dumps

So stand up, and smile, chumps

Being sad for the year set me in a rut

Quite frankly, I moped and sat on my butt

Refusing to see the beauty ahead

Instead I chose to lie around in my bed

Forgetting how wonderful my life could be

If I only sit up, and choose to see

Yes, this year will be a change

And though my peers now see me as strange

I'll teach them to smile and laugh at life

No longer will we be victims of strife

You see, I choose to have joy

And boy, oh boy

It's changing me from the inside out

Happiness is now what my life is all about

There is light and glee streaming down from above

Now that my world is bursting with love

Life is too wonderful to be sad

Giving up my sorrow, I've discovered a euphoria I've never had

You see, I am taking control of my life once and for all

No longer will I play victim to an evil that mad me small

I am rising from the depths of the earth

I have found the beauty in all of my worth

My value far exceeds the jewels of the land

So come with me, and take my hand

Let me show you the joy that I've found

And no longer will you be bound

To a life filled with destruction, remorse, and regret

Where I'll take you, you need not fret

For there is warmth and frienship you've not yet seen

You pull my hand, not sure what I mean

Not understanding how I've escaped the hurt

Choosen the sky, leaving the dirt

I look to the heavens, finding my voice

And show you my dear, that happiness is a choice



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