Struggle day after day.
What will destroy me today.
 my destroysive brain
Or my dream of tommorrow
Why should I even care.
 happiness is it even there
Or am I caught up in the want
The want of happiness
So far out of reach
If only I was strong enough
To guided us there.
Up so high now I can almost see it
The gleem of happiness
Am I really almost there

The walls start to cave now
And I fall back down.
Was I close to happiness
Was I close to the end.
The end of all this mess
The mess of my life
The night has come.
Tears have set in now
Time for sleep
Such a pain full thing.
The bringer of tommorrow
The creater of problems
Will I make it threw tommorrow
Will I find happiness in a new day
Will I be better off?
Only tommorrow know.

My first poem ever any advice?

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