Tue, 06/25/2013 - 21:37 -- trocks


What does it mean to be happy?
Is happiness defined by the smile on your face? Is happiness defined by how many times you laugh throughout the day?
What does it mean to be happy? 
Is it the feeling of joy that overcomes you?
Is it the feeling of warmth that flows through you?
What does it mean to be happy?
Where is my happiness? Where is my joy?
My happiness has been taken away in the form of a boy.
Where is my warmth? Where is glow?
It was taken away from me with a heart wrenching blow.
My happiness lives miles away. My happiness left with that boy that ran away.
My happiness left me alone and neglected.
I thought the love I felt would be something I never would've regreted.
My happiness has turned to despair. My loneliness has turned into something that I can't bare.

Sobbing, crying, so confused. Laying here asking what to do. 
Loving someone who doesn't seem to love you. All of the pain that they put you through.
Sticking it out, making it work.
All of this hard time and effort. Do you just give up and embrace the sadness? Or do you go and fight this madness?
A love so far but a pain so near. Where is that happiness that once was here?
Loving you was my happiness. Loving you was my joy.
All of my love came from the love of a boy.
A love that that boy took away. A love that fades more and more everyday. 
So tell me, What is happiness.??


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