Happily Never After

As I prepare for my wedding I feel uneasy, for my husband to be is not who saved me.

He is not my true love, whom right now is angry.  He left me with him, destroying my sanity.

But I hold a secret, one that only one knows, a secret my groom would despise if I showed.

But he soon will find out for my lover has chose to leave me in spite of my anger that grows.


On the night of my wedding, as so many believe, my love will appear and his sins be reprieved.

But this is not so, he never returns.  He has chosen to ignore the passion that burns.

I wed this sick man in hopes to conceal the secret that I am ashamed to reveal.

But he is not my love!  And the sun starts to set.  My groom has no clue what awaits him yet.


My secret exposed, I am such a disgrace!  It's hard to describe the disgust on his face.

The guests are afraid, never seen such a sight.  The pain I feel is enhanced by their fright.

The Lord, the King, consumed with rage.  I brought him down from his royal stage.

Beyond embarrassed, humiliation galore.  He locks me back in the tower where I await my true love, once more.


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