Happily Ever After

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 22:20 -- shayy56

Once with her hair down

She sat and waited in her chambers

She listened for his tell tale footsteps

The sound of his horse

And she let him in through the window

Then together they created love

And locked it up and kept it to themselves

And they were happy

And she was happy

And at the end of the night

She let him out the window

And he said, “Good night”

And she smiled

But knew it wouldn’t be a good night

Because he wouldn’t be there

And she wouldn’t sleep

Because she never could when he was away

And he was always away

So she sat and waited as the hours passed

And the night dissolved into day

And the sun peaked through the night

Until the night covered the sun

And she heard his return

And she smiled with relief

Because now she could breathe

And he called to her and she let him in

And they smiled at each other

And exchanged pleasantries

But really he’d only come for one thing

And he told her so

And she said she understood

And he smiled as he unzipped her dress

And told her he loved her

But really he loved her body

But she pretended she believed him

And he pretended he cared

And he finished what he came to do

And left without cuddling her

But she was used to it

So she wasn’t surprised

And she repeated the cycle

Where she waited

And he lived

And she waited

For his return

And when he did, they mimicked love

And mass produced it

So it wasn’t unique

It wasn’t even special

And it didn’t matter

And then she realized,

That she wanted it to matter

And that she didn’t want to wait

And wait

For him to return

She wanted to live

So when he called to her that night

She made a promise to herself

That this was the last time

And when he left

She didn’t wait

But instead let herself down

And rode off into the night

And didn’t wait




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