Hansel vs Gretel

A single mother of two, couldn't handle work and two teens,

She didn't know what to do.

But then one day, a handy businessman came her way,

The two got married and sent the children away.

Off to boarding school, in the middle of the woods,

This school was for kids who never did what they should.

On the very first day, they went to all of their classes,

Twas only so they could steal plenty of passes.

Hansel had five! But Gretel had ten!

And so Hansel was off, to his classes he went.

At last it was night, and they shared a room,

With two delinquents who told stories by the light of the moon,

Perhaps it was too soon, to say what was beyond the gates,

But Hansel and Gretel were too excited to wait.

They gathered their passes and thought of excuses,

and gathered the items they needed to "Do This!"

They were so clueless to what waited outside,

But when Hansel said she would find "it" by tonight,

Gretel took off, with no clue where to go,

She got lost a few times, like twice in a row.

Finally she came to the House in the woods,

 And didn't turn away like anyone else would.

She crept around back and saw Hansel's new shoes,

She took hers off, cause she just wouldn't lose.

She opened the door, and stepped right inside, 

Where she was met with a gun in her side.

It was an old lady, who lived by some rules.

Rule 1: You should knock, that shouldn't be new!

Rule 2: Once inside, you couldn't leave there alive.

You'd seen way too much so now you must die!

Gretel pushed her down, and ran back outside,

and to her surprise it was suddenly night.

She couldn't really see, so she couldn't really hide.

She couldn't get a signal, softly she began to cry.

She climbed up a tree, and laid up there waiting.

Counting the seconds, while investigating.

She looked through the windows, trying to find her kinfolk.

Scared out her mind, she knew this was no joke.

She scrambled down the tree, and then got to running.

Hansel was trapped so she had to do something!

Someone was chasing her, that she could see.

And like in the movies, she fell and hit her knee.

And she was dragged away, no one could hear her pleas.

She kicked with all her might, but no one could hear her screams.

She closed her eyes tightly and hoped this was a dream. 

She opened her eyes, and she was back at the house.

She was given instructions before she opened her mouth.

She and Hansel were to choose, which one of them would survive,

They had just two hours to choose and decide.

Gretel hugged Hansel, and she held on tight

"They can't take us both, if we fight with all our might."

They stood closely together as they went to choose their fate,

To their dismayal they were a few minutes late,

Since no one made a choice, they'd be given a random date, 

They were sent back to the room with thoughts of their demise,

"This wouldn't have happened if we'd stayed inside!"

And they both began crying,

not sure who'd be dying,

not knowing their mother was hiding,

they didn't know that she was spying.

She sent them here for this,

It was one final try to scare them straight,

To let them use their wits,

before it was too late.

She wanted them to be better,

and knew this memory would last forever,

she gave the headmaster a nod,

and gathered her sweater.

They returned to the school, 

and the "captors" knocked the kids out,

When they woke up in their dorms at school,

They couldn't surpress their shouts.

The headmaster came down and said they had a visitor,

They glanced at each other and followed the mister.

When they saw their mother, they gave squeals of delight.

"We'd like to go home now, we won't make you fuss or fight.

We'll be inside at night, We'll do whatever you like!

And the mother just smiled, because she'd gotten what she liked.





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