Hansel and Griddle


When Hansel’s old parents were all poor and ragged

They left him to fend for himself

With nothing to hold but the shoes on his feet

And the Griddle from on top the shelf


From yonder he walked with a saunter and thought

It’d be easy to find his way home

And to his surprise did a dream catch his eyes

A house formed from candy not stone


With joy did he jump over rocks and some stumps

To approach the magnificent door

Two knocks and it shook out the door of the nook

Did emerge but a woman adore


Come in she exclaimed and in Hansel came

With his Griddle still held at his side

What’s that then she asked to the boy at her back

Who was quietly walking in stride


A tool he replied with his smile so wide

Unaware he was inside a trap

As the woman would feed him and feed him and feed him

Until he moved slower than sap


But smart was the boy to the witch’s deceit

And he plotted to ruin her plan

At the moment of truth he would leap in his youth

Defeating the witch with his pan


One day when the witch asked him to check the oven

He knew that his moment had came

One whack with his Griddle and fast as a fiddle

The witch fell back into the flame


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