Handsomely Dormant

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 17:08 -- sulema


Hair a lucious carbon

Smile smoldering bright

Eyes showcasing a glaring flame of wit 

He is a man indeed so that should make him a knight

But in order to be so, society's expectations he must fit


To be kept in a glass case made of steel emotions

He is a man and as such cannot show devotion

Auror needs to be the provider, he needs to be strong

Must be valiant and competitive, and can never be wrong 


Oh sweet, lovely Auror you must rescue the damsel in distress

For if women are left alone they make quite the mess

They are delicate creatures who must tend to your every need

A woman must take care of the children, the land decreed 


that is what They want you to think.


Rose d'espoir give him kiss

Awaken his soul, heart and mind

Show him that a man who thinks for himself is one of a kind

Teach him that a woman is every bit as fierce as a man

Make him realize that the real world must not be like a delusion fairytale land


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Our world
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