Handsome and the ugly

He was not the beast but rather she 

He had all the beauty while she had fur and claws 

He had to learn to love her, even with those unappealing paws

If he did not choose to love her, she would be the beast forever .


You see, he tried to look deep and love her heart 

But his father saw her looks and tried to keep them apart  


She was evil and mean, so this was her fate 

This was the reason no man wanted to date 


He was looking for someone like her

To him she seemed intelligent and one of kind 

He disregarded all of her fur

He was looking for something for more than looks, but what was on her mind 


She was putting up a front 

Lying and pretending to get what she wants 


Once he finally saw through her, he decided he did not truly love her 

he had his looks and good heart while she had nothing 

He saw what her true intentions were 

He saw that she was not loving so he was no longer crushing 

And she remained the beast . 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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