Hands Of My Past

Palm on my forehead
Fingers over my eyes
Pulling my head back so I could see my dreams
Pushing me down so I can't reach them

Grabbing each wrist as if I'm a puppet
Pulling & p u s h i n g me in YOUR direction 
Causing me to misunderstand MY path, 
Which has become unrecognizable 

Fingers grasp me from my naval to my feet
Making me uncomfortable
Aiding the palm on my head
Altering MY thoughts MY understanding 

Every finger touching me in a way no person should experience 
When I try to speak out
The hand over my mouth alters my words
Forcing me to say what HE wants 

I would fight back but...
These hands compressing my spirit won't allow me to do so
Consistently being choked
By the hand of expectation
When my actions weren't meeting THEIR standards

I finally see MY door, MY life, MY wants
The door that has always been in MY path to success 
But the hands of my past won't allow me ....to move... 


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