by: Bethany Elder

I walk through the halls all the faces a blrr

But I never hear the stomachs grrr.

They appear to be just a kid like me

But no one ever pays them heed.

We are trying to change the world in a day

But really we need to be a ray

A ray of love and of hope

Not of money which makes them go broke

It’s not about the result but the process

Work weaves us within one act of progress

There is a need in this big universe

There is a need we can diverse

Those who hunger could Hunger no longer

If each could stretch a hand a little farther

Do not take what is mine to give

Just to let someone else live!

It is not enough to sit back and watch

Abuse the system?-Not on my watch!

It takes love, compassion, and care

Is that too difficult to bare?

“Stick your hand in my side” he said to Thomas

He died for us but we sit in solace

Those who are in hunger have names

We only have ourselves to blame

They reach like the plant reaching for the light

Now it’s time for our light to shine bright

If we teach and love they will teach another

Now we can change the world with the help of each other. 

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