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United States
36° 16' 21.7056" N, 95° 50' 7.3824" W

There are hands we hold in times of need

Hands we clap in times of glee

Hands that fix and mend and heal

Hands that break and hit and steal

Indeed there are hands that speak for the tongue

And hands that play tunes louder than lungs

I remember the hand that stroked my hair

As I hated the hand that didn't show care

The hands of lovers are soft and sincere

The hands of clocks show the time is near

I've seen hands that were wrinkled with wisdom and age

And hands unblemished that were scarcely a day

For artists their hands are all they've got

For writers their hands are a gift from God

 Though hands are subject to misfortune and ruin

Hands also made the climb to the moon

It's hands that turn the pages of the books we love

It's the hands that beg for grace from above

Hands carry the symbol of a shared name

Hands even inflict our own horrid blame

But each pair of hands is utterly unique

They all hold a story never quite complete





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