The Hand I Was Dealt


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What started out as paradise, 
Couldn't have been told a bigger lie,
What started out as meaning,
Turned out to blind all of my seeing,
What path I chose to go down on,
One could question if I was dead wrong,
Before I knew what I was into,
I was too deep down to see the truth,
A short life of pain and misery is what I felt,
I thought this must of been the hand I was dealt,
I made up my mind early on,
That I was going to live a life of wrong,
Faded memories and hearts broken,
I still kept on going,
Killing my self day by day,
I questioned whether I should pray,
Family and friends planning on a young mans funereal,
The pain and misery was taking its tole,
With walls closing in,
The thought of suicide was too much of a sin,
One day when I couldn't take anymore,
I suddenly saw a door,
When I opened to see what was inside,
I was promised a new life,
Each route I would choose,
I had something to lose,
Will I sacrifice all I know?
Was my mind ready to be shown?
I was at a crossroads,
I would fear fear the unknown,
or I would fear the known,
when I entered the door that was promising truth,
I saw a dark hole,
I was promised if I had jumped down,
I would be caught and be found,
in life there sometimes comes a leap of faith,
when I took mine, little did I know the meaning of saved,
I was brought back from a place called hell on earth,
and it was at  this point I had found everything I have always searched,
Was I wrong to risk my life until the point of no return?
Or was it the only way real happiness is learned,
All I know is that I am happy,
that this was the hand I was Dealt .
25 Years of Age 5 Years Sober
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