Hand to Heart

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 20:22 -- ljb553


     You feel what you touch    , You look at what you see, You listen to what you hear, You breath in what you smell, And you taste the flavor that surrounds you.  Perseving with your mind, Pursuing with your body, Passionate with your heart, And pure with your soul.  Touching hearts everyday, Seeing suffering with people saying what they say, Hearing unspoken words while reading between the lines, Breathing in the smell of constant front line, Tasting that flavor that coats the air, whether or not its really there.  Remembering that, Those little hands, Will make a big differnce, So please understand; When you touch someone's heart, You can feel them grow. Look at what they might change, and see them glow. Listen to their speeches, Hear the crowds applaud, Breath in the clean crisp air, They have found what was sought.  The senses can mean, So much more that they read. So its important to remeber, That we all must believe.  We must believe that we can, Though we'll never know how, Start something big, Even when it starts out so very, very small.  So when you see that one someone, A simple begger or a child, Try and reach out, And touch their heart.    ,,


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