Half journey.....

The gift of god
Made , parents smile a lot
The journey we got
Full of faults....

The happiest moment of crawl,
First step on the floor
By, taking the help
Of, objects like door
Made, mom dad to snore

When I fall, in the hall
Cried, voice abroad
Dad with a, harsh voice
Caught mi like a small mice..

Glory of kindergarden
Made, heart a littel harden
Took mind in a burden
Asking for pardon

The sky went blue
Everything got new
Seeing, the school view
And my mind hewed

Every ray of sun
Made just to have fun
With the water gun
Making, each friend to run

The boys chewed nuts
And, voice, made girls to hurt
The teachers said to shut
But, they showed their gut

Summer went
And,the holidays we spent
It's time to study and bend
As like as good gent

The days gone
I started to yarwn
And, fell on with
A mourn

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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