Hakuna Matata


Love can make you feel on top of the world,

But yet bring you down,

It’s amazing when you feel the acceptance from love,

But it’s devastating when you feel the opposite side,

Sometimes you have the opportunity,

To go out in the world and do something with your life,

But then you have the people holding you back,

The ones that say they love you and leaving isn’t best,

But you do what is best for yourself,

And soon you loose the ones that you thought loved you,

They shun you and refuse to talk to you or look at you,

You convince yourself you can do it and you know you can,

But you are not invincible you see that things are getting bad,

But you realize that you are like a bow and arrow,

Right now you are the arrow being pulled back into the darkness,

About to be let go and shot out of this dark place into the brightness,

Where you know things will be better,

That you will be going after those in a happy state,

Hakuna Matata is what you tell yourself when things get rough,

You know that you are strong,

Because it takes courage to go through this,

And no one else knows the pain you are feeling,

But yet people try to understand as if they know the pain,

It’s great when they are there but they aren’t always,

Acceptance is hard from maturing from a teenager to a adult in a day,

Reality strikes when you have to decide yourself what you have to do,

Because the people you love chose to letting you go,

It hurts you and lately you don’t sleep or eat,

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

You know you can do this,


Motivates you the most,

Because out of all the things you have learned,

Most of all you learned that dedication and determination,

Will make you become anything you want in the world,

Never give up,

When someone says you cant do something,

PROVE them wrong,

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries.


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